About Us

Knox Swan and Dog, LLC now sells swans and we will ship them nationwide. Knox also specializes in properties with Canada goose problems North Barrington IL in the Chicagoland area.

We use Border Collies and Mute Swans, individually or matched up in different packages, to “chase away” Canada geese, keeping your lawns and landscapes clean and inviting.

about us

Customized Programs

You, as a client, will receive a customized program to meet your landscape needs.

Free Estimates

We are a full service company and want to make certain your goose problem is cleaned up. Get a FREE estimate today!

We have been in the goose control business since 1990.

Chicagoland Proud Properties

We have over 300 Chicagoland properties under the watchful eye of our Mute Swans and Border Collies.

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