Knox Border Collie Program

Different Programs are Available

  • Daily Goose Control:

Daily rounds to your property at various times of the day and night, seven days a week. We will chase the geese, using the Border Collies, on a regular basis to discourage them from remaining on your property to nest.

  • Monthly Goose Control:

We are available to chase geese on a monthly basis.

  • Year Round Goose Control:

Most clients choose and depend on year-round protection.

  • Seasonal Goose Control (March – November):

We also offer a March 1st through November 30th daily and monthly packages.

Knox Swan & Dog LLC uses Border Collies to clear Canada geese from your property.
Why We Use Border Collies to Chase Geese
The Border Collies persistent herding technique and desire to work makes them an outstanding goose chaser! The Border Collie uses it’s wolf-like glance called “eyeing”, to mesmerize their prey into flight. The geese actually consider the Border Collie to be predators and therefore they think it is unsafe for them to remain in the area. The geese are not safe in the water either. Our dogs love to swim and are a great asset in quickly clearing the geese from your site. By chasing the geese from the grass and landscaped areas as well as the waterways, we have a very effective program for getting rid of those pesky geese.

About Our Dogs

  • Obedience Training

Our dogs are trained in basic obedience.

  • Strong Swimmers

They are strong and skilled swimmers. Each dog has extensive water training.

  • Herding Abilities

They also have a requisite herding ability on land.

  • Excellent Temperments ~ With Adults & Children

Our dogs have been raised around children and all have sound outgoing temperaments.

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