Swan Nesting Platform

A Floating Secure-Feeling Nesting Platform
The nesting platform floats so you can anchor it within your pond to protect the nesting swans from predators.

Flood Protection


The nesting platform keeps the nesting site from flooding during the rainy season. This will aid in saving the swans eggs.

Accomodating Ramp
The nesting platform’s ramp is designed to accomodate the swan’s young. Even day-old cygnets (swan babies) are able to easily retreat to their mother’s protective nest.

A Beautiful View
You will enjoy watching your swans for hours while they hatch and raise their cygnets on this nesting platform specifically designed for swans. From a safe distance, your swans will feel secure, and you will have the opportunity to watch cygnets grow into beautiful adults.


Specifications & Price
Length 60″, Width 46″, Height 13″, Weight 55 lbs.
Nesting Platform Cost $500.00
Nesting Platform Shipping Information
The shipping cost for a nesting platform is $200.00.
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